Wednesday, 27 April 2005


I think I might have to start a freewriting category for this blog, and then give it a go here. Just spewing any old thing down... [via 43 folders]

Monday, 25 April 2005

A healthy weekend

Blogging rule #1: Write something, even if you've nothing to say...

I had a pretty healthy and energetic weekend, an easy 16 mile (27km) off road bike ride round some local bridleways (which were surprisingly dry) on Saturday and a 7 mile walk in upper Swaledale on Sunday as part of the Walk the Way in a Day celebrations. Seven miles over scree in trail running shoes carrying a 2 stone toddler is hard on the ankles...

Blogging rule #2: Bloggers do it in public.

I'm riding my bike more than I have for ages, with 5 miles worth of pretty much flat-out singlespeed (32:15) sprinting every week day on my ride to work, and longer rides on the last few Saturdays, and I'm planning on building in some lonnger rides home from work through the week later in the summer, and lots of riding during my summer holidays. I'd already decided to ride the Darlington round of the North East Cyclocross champs again this year, to try to improve on my last place finish of last October (on a heavy jump-bike, running 2.1" knobbly tyres, at least that's my excuse), but I think I'm going try aim for a really long ride towards the middle of August. A 100km loop of mixed on- and off-road, starting and finishing from my front door?

Any ideas for a route? I was thinking of tarmac to Gilling West, then linking in with the bridleways towards Richmond and Marske, then on up into Swaledale for an x km loop. And back.

Friday, 15 April 2005

Instructions for starting your very own Ricin Conspiracy

  1. Link to the 'recipe', like so.

  2. Convince another blogger to do the same.

  3. Include this and this, and you also have clear links to Al Qaeda.

  4. You're done. See how easy it is?

Why not start your very own Ricin Conspiracy?

Thursday, 7 April 2005

Ch ch ch ch changes

I just upgraded the site to Word Press 1.5 (from 1.2.2). I'm using the default theme, so things look a little different, but the content (what there is anyway) is the same. Updates will be as sproadic as ever.