Saturday, 14 May 2005

It's only rock 'n' roll, but I like it

Oh yes, it's non-stop rock 'n' roll, round here. I've spent the morning cutting the front grass (can't really call it a "lawn"), weeding and removing rose bushes. Now, there's wardrobes and drawers to assemble! I'm currently procrastinating by running Windows Update on my aged desktop-rarely-used-except-for-backups-second-PC.

I was going to go out on my bike this morning, but had to be back and showered before 12 to wait for the delivery people coming and I wasn't organised or motivated enough this morning, even after two cups of coffee. Maybe tomorrow afternoon. Next weekend is mucho-marking weekend (80 pieces of A level ICT courswork to mark in two days, fun), so need to make the most of this one.

Tuesday, 10 May 2005

Thursday, 5 May 2005

The democratic process

I'm away home from work now, and then on to play my part in the running of this great democracy. Unfortunately, I live in a safe Labour seat, despite the fact that we have an MP who seems to be a pretty poor constituency MP, and rarely ever votes or speaks in the House of Commons. So, looks like we're stuck with Alan Milburn.

However, I'll be placing my vote in the hope he has a seriously reduced majority, and that the total swing is enough to stop Blair from pushing through whatever legislation using his huge majority.

I can't bring myself to vote Conservative, however, especially since they'd happily push through the same legislation Tony has. My feeling is that, even if my vote for the Lib Dems doesn't get them this constituency, increasing their share of the national vote strengthens their position for the next election, and shows a the strength of anti-Labour feelings in the country.


If you haven't yet, vote! If you were thinking of voting Labour, read this first.

New group blog

The blogosphere (for want of a better word) contains some genuinely top-notch writers - and we've collected them all in one place. OK, so maybe not ALL, but some at least...

- The Sharpener

Tuesday, 3 May 2005


I wanted to link to this Recipe for Simplicity, as it just took a bit of searching to refind whilst looking for the URL to link to in reply to a forum post from a guy who was working huge numbers of hours, limiting his time to ride a bike, whilst spending huge sums of money on shiny bike bits as a placebo activity.

I reckon lots of people could do with simplifying their lives. Do you really need all those DVDs, iPods, laptops and cars?

Monday, 2 May 2005

Baby, baby

Matt Haughy (of MetaFilter, PVRBlog, and AWholeLottaNothing) is moblogging the birth of his daughter live! I thought I was good getting photos online within 7 hours.

UPDATE: Meet Fiona Haughey, 7lbs 2oz.