Sunday, 29 April 2012

Long overdue site update

I'm going to attempt to update the Wordpress install. Wish me luck...

Update: it seems to have worked! #phew

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Darlington - 'new' Hamsterley trails - Darlington

I found them by following the Red; I think that might have been the long way round. They're ace.

Rode up there and followed the Red from the DH Cabin to the Grove. Then rode home. I'd have proof on Strava of just how amazingly fast I was, but the app crashed and died and wouldn't come back. I was awesome though. Watch the above video, but imagine it slower. 5 hours and a bit home-to-home.

"Made it to Woodland. Head wind. Slooooow." @11:47
"At Woodland again, on the way home. Ace fun ride!" (pic) @13:39
"Home!" @15:18

Distance: Between 40 and 52 miles (20 miles to Hamsterley, ?ish miles round Hamsterley (the full Red is about 12 miles) and 20 miles home
Surface: Road and off-road
Time: 5 hours 30 minutes
Weather: Warm and dry, occasional spits of rain. Windy - badass headwind on the way up
Bike: Inbred SS (with 2.4″ tyres, 32:17)