Thursday, 8 December 2005

Blogs in education - linkdump

After attending the blogging in education course last Friday, I wanted to start dropping links and thoughts here as-and-when, so this post may grow and change. I'm really interested in starting to use blogs with my students (and having them blog) and wanted to gather together some useful links, opinions, thoughts, etc.

Five levels of using blogs in education
Blogs in Education - huge link-list
How you SHOULD use blogs in education
How NOT to use blogs in education

Tuesday, 6 December 2005


I've got flu. Real flu; not just man-flu. It started on Saturday. I've been off work for the last two days. I'm mainly shaking, sweating and almost falling over. I haven't shaked since Thursday or Friday; I'm not a pretty sight. I answered the phone at 6 o'clock, then had to lie down for half an hour to recover. Tonight I've eaten for the first time since a sausage sandwich on Saturday; but only 2 weetabix.

Friday, 2 December 2005

Blogging the blogging course

I'm currently on a course, learning about the use of blogging in education. We're currently being told about podcasting. I also discovered that the guy, Steve Thompson, leading the course works alongside my thesis supervisor from my MSc course, who has his own blog, notes in the margin.

Update: We're using B2Enterprise blogging tool, which I think has similar 'DNA' to Wordpress, which is what powers this blog.

Update 2: B2Enterprise has some issues with cookies, when used by loadsa people on a closed network like this; it's a local authority network, so it's very locked down.

Update 3: 2000 Feet - "This haiku collection is inspired by particular places and events along the course of the three main rivers in County Durham – the Tees, the Wear and the Derwent. Each of these has its source high up in the North Pennines, approximately 2000 feet above sea level."

Update 4: We're playing with a media uploader at the moment, to allow uploading and posting or images, sound, video, animations, etc. That's also not working too well in this ICT room...

Update 5: We're now playing with an online quiz called Community Challenge, which allows people to compete against other quiz teams online. Apparently Tony Blair took part in an online pub quiz using this and his team lost. Apparently, he was crap.

Update 6: We came joint first in the quiz. We rock.

Thursday, 1 December 2005


The riverside path was wet today. From one side my bike looks like it was made by ONA, from the other it looks like it was made by KON. Crud Catchers work.