Tuesday, 6 December 2005


I've got flu. Real flu; not just man-flu. It started on Saturday. I've been off work for the last two days. I'm mainly shaking, sweating and almost falling over. I haven't shaked since Thursday or Friday; I'm not a pretty sight. I answered the phone at 6 o'clock, then had to lie down for half an hour to recover. Tonight I've eaten for the first time since a sausage sandwich on Saturday; but only 2 weetabix.


Andrew U said...

Not a good day all round really - I've just banged my head off of the road on the way into work (black ice), destroyed my goretex jacket and had a trip to hospital for some fabric stitches. The right side of my face has morphed into something fairly hideous and I've a deep purple shiner. Oh well, probably get the rest of the week off now. Get well soon!

Mike said...

Anyone who wants to know more about Andrew's Discovery of Frome's A&E Dept can read about it on his blog :)