Monday, 24 April 2006

HTB Booze Cruise

Went for a local booze cruise with some peeps from the Hamsteley trailblazers forum on Friday night. Local ride, out towards Barmpton village on a 'bridleway' I'd not ridden beofre, then back to Sweep and Shagga's house. Then out through Drinkfield and along black path to Faverdale BMX track, along to West Park, the on to Baydale Beck pub via Baydale Beck 'bridleway'. After some refreshments, we went back along the Baydale Beck, black path and through the denes to get back to Sweep and Shagga's house for chilli and curry.

I was on skinny tyres, but somehow avoided the double pinch flats two other bikes suffered on the way back.

Distance: 16 miles (guess based on Jo's computer, but she didn't do the first mini loop)
Surface: On and off road
Time: About 2 hours total
Weather: Warm and dark
Bike: Singlespeed Kona Hahanna commuter bike, with semi slicks (32:16)

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