Thursday, 29 June 2006

Great Divide Race

The Great Divide Race is ongoing at the moment. A couple of thousand miles, off-road, down the line of the Rocky Mountains, from the Canadian border to Mexico. Unsupported. On bikes.

Three guys even set off on fixies, but only one is still in the race at the moment.

"...and yeah, this fixie thing, um, it's pretty bomber"
- Matt Chester

You can find out more about the race at the official Great Divide Race website and follow the race on the Great Divide Race Blog. There's a thread on the MTBR forum discussing the race and equipment, with a post by Matt Chester explaining why he had to quit the race.

The fixed gear bikes being ridden my Matt Chester and Rudi Nadler are similar to the set-up I'm going to go for on my SSUK prize frame from Solitude Cycles.

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Mike said...

Another great MC quote:

"I've never decided not to do anything just because I couldn't do it perfectly, and neither should you."