Wednesday, 1 November 2006

October Biking

Business miles: 42 miles (20p a mile, baby!)
Commuting: 90 miles (18 days riding to work and back)
Jotting about: another 10 miles, maybe
Proper rides: 66 miles (just one ride)

Total: 208 miles

All on my Singlespeed Kona, 2.25" tyres and 32:16 gearing. Only 26 miles off-road.

(Reminded to do this by Tom's post.)


matt said...

i wish I got 20p a mile!

Mike said...

I've done 111 miles since September, too. £20's not bad, considering I'd ride the bike even if they weren't paying expenses (I get to ride during work time, what's not to like?).