Wednesday, 28 February 2007

February Biking

Proper rides: 0 miles (pathetic!)
Business miles: 9 miles (1 trip, road)
Commuting: 80 miles (15 days riding to work and back (twice on the day I forgot my lunch))
Misc: 20 miles (guestimated)

Total: 109 miles

A tragically small number, especially given that I had a week off this month. Must try harder.

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mactually » Blog Archive » February Riding said...

[...] h) Misc: 9.5 miles Total: 184 miles (9490 feet (2 892m) climbed) Seventy miles more than last February, helped by only missing one day off work and my Darlo-Hamsterley-Darlo ride. Not bad for a January, [...]