Tuesday, 6 March 2007


I'm here. Suffice to say that I have not been well since October + I'm sorry again for prolonged waits. I am building bikes & 700see does exist...although I opted to start over after major anxiety looking at the original issue #1. The new issue #1 is more like a novella in length (same # pages, but different layout resulting in much more content). More soon.

Brilliant news from Matt Chester about his 700see bike zine.


Matt's added a preview of some of the zine:

The universe sits floating within us. It vibrates and resonates, tones and overtones crescendoing in great expositions of supposed clarity - always influenced by boxes of radiation under control by keyboard and keypad like so many fingers over the holes of a recorder. Maybe an open note is in order, a great powering down, an end to detachment by external means, an end to isolation by pulling out the earbuds and letting the screen go black. A softness. A release. A hazy focus. Who knows?

Maybe one can know all when one feels small.

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