Monday, 31 December 2007

Swaledale Off-road

New Years Eve off-road in Swaledale with my brother. The first ride we've done together for years and my first time back in Swaledale in 22 months. Hard to believe we used to ride together up there every Sunday.

From Langthwaite over Reeth Low Moor, up Surrender to Great Pinseat, down Hard Level Gill and then over Low Moor again. Only 9 miles, but great to be up there again and great to see that it can be ridden on a singlespeed.

Distance: 9 miles
Surface: Off-road
Time: 2 hours (probably less, but we forgot to check what time we set off)
Weather: Dry
Bike: Inbred ss (with 2.1″ tyres, 32:16)

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