Thursday, 17 April 2008

Darlington to Crathorne and back on Sustrans W2W route

First proper length ride on the Solitude with the bigger proper 29er tyres, though still mainly on the road. It looks loads better (though still very odd) with the 2.2" tyres filling out the frame and forks properly. The Kenda Nevegals don't roll as well as the narrower tyres I had on before but they're ok and should be lots better off-road, but I think something like Small Block 8s might suit my riding better.

I used a bike path and bridleway shortcut to get out to Hurworth and then joined the Sustrans W2W route's spur towards Whitby (map (I rode home too, obviously)). I'm considering doing Darlington to Whitby and back as a long ride in the summer, so it was nice to get to try some more of the route. I just rode out for 90 minutes, then turned around and rode back.

It could be a nice route, although not through the prettiest of areas, but the pouring rain and freezing cold temperatures took the edge off a little.

I got home soaked, filthy and freezing. Great.

Distance: 38 miles (61 km)
Climbing: 1300 feet
Surface: On- and off-road (only a couple of hundred metres off-road)
Time: 3 hours 10 minutes
Weather: Wet and cold
Bike: Solitude Singlespeed (34:18, with 2.2" tyres)

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