Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Lakes Ride: High Street

Last Sunday I went for only my second ever ride in the Lake District. A group of four of us travelled over to Pooley Bridge, rode down the lakeside bridleway to near Glenridding, then two of us carried on to Hartsop, from where we carried the bikes 2000' upwards over the space of about two miles, then rode along the top of High Street back to the cars.

Three days later my shoulders are still sore from the carry up to High Street. I'd though the SS would be a handicap in the Lakes, but the climbs were mostly ridable in middle ring or carries, so it wasn't a problem, with just a few points where I was pushing while others carried on riding, and there was no real difference in speed.

Distance: 25 miles (map - our route was slightly different and started just off the top of the market route)
Climbing: 4800 feet
Surface: Off-road
Time: 7.5 hours
Weather: warm and dry!
Bike: Inbred Singlespeed (32:17, with 2.1" tyres)

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