Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Hit The North 1.5v2

Two years ago I went down to Manchester for Hit The North, a 12 hour MTB race. My chain skipped and it was really muddy, but I had a great time.

Last weekend I went down to Manchester for Hit The North 1.5v2, a 2 hour MTB/CX race. My chain skipped and it was really muddy, but I had a great time.

My chain doesn't skip like that anywhere else. Weird mud in Phillips Park, Manchester!

The course was a great mix of MTB-type riding on singletrack, with some CX boggy fields and steep climbs thrown in to the mix. 600 feet of climbing in each 3km lap, with 100 feet of that being up steps.

I did my usual of heading for the back of the group at the start, then queueing for most of the first part of the first lap meaning my first lap took almost half an hour, almost ten minutes longer than my second lap.

It took me about an hour to feel like I was warmed up, but my slipping chain meant that I couldn't really power up the climbs, leading to lots of pushing the bike and running.

I managed 5 laps, compared to the 8 laps of the winner and 2nd place rider, and finished in 2:05. I think I'd have got 6 laps without the skipping chain, which would have put me right into mid-pack mediocrity.

This was my first event as a Ragley Bikes rider and it was good to meet team mates Dave and Jason (they're the fast part of the team) and also designer Brant, who was marshalling/heckling. Also good to meet and remeet lots of others too; the best bit of travelling to events and races really.

Evidence: too fast to photograph and checking my brakes work.

Distance: 15km (5 laps of 3km)
Time: 2:05
Surface: Off-road
Weather: Coldish, but dry. Very muddy.
Bike: Inbred Singlespeed (32:17, with 2.4" tyres)


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Staffychance said...

good pics mike, keep us posted with your next race, and well done, shame about the bloody chain eah.