Monday, 24 May 2010

Darlington - Swaledale - Darlington

On a scorching hot day, I headed out to Swaledale.

I took my 'usual' route out to Swaledale, down Fremington edge to Langthwaite and then to Dales Bike Centre. I ran out of water on the way there, but bought some Lucozade Sport at the pub in Langthwaite.


From there, I rode back up Arkengarthdale, to ride over Low Moor, before climbing to Great Pinseat over Surrender Moor and then down Hard Level Gill. I thought the other way round might have been a better climb/descent, so rode over it again and then back to Reeth before riding home.

Knackered on Great Pinseat, Swaledale

It's always great to be riding in Swaledale again. This is where I first rode MTBs, but even without sentiment it's a brilliant place to ride. Plus you get to pretend you're on the moon by riding over Great Pinseat.

Inbred on Great Pinseat, Swaledale

I ran out of fluid again on over Great Pinseat, and again on the way home. Not great when the temperature is in the mid- to high-twenties. Usually, when riding to/at/from Hamsterley, two bottles is enough for each section but Swaledale makes each section 50% longer. Luckily, I'd been trying out High-5 Zero tablets in the water, which seems to have staved off the worst of the effects of dehydration.

Reeth - 26degrees and sunny

A great day out and I was still spinning along at 20kmph on the way home. Felt knackered at times, but I think that was the heat and dehydration. Legs feel fine two days later.

Distance: 125km (50km from home to Dales Bike Centre, 30km off-road ride (first 5km lost in phone crash), 45km from Reeth to home)
Time: out of the house for 10 1/2 hours, riding for 9 1/2 (3:30 out, 3:00, 3:00 home)
Surface: road - off-road - road
Weather: Sunny, very hot
Bike: SS Inbred (32:17, with 2.4" tyres)

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