Thursday, 31 May 2012

Chasing old-me

Chasing down me from years gone by. At the end of April, I'd ridden the shortest distance for that point in the year since records began*.

It's the end of May and I've caught and passed me from 2007 (by 4 miles), 2009 (by 114 miles) and 2011 (by 113 miles). Take that past-me. I'm actually ahead of June-2011-me by 16 miles already.

2008-me is still 155 miles ahead and June 2008 is the only month I've every passed the 300 mile mark, so I'm not going to catch that me (this month). But 2010-me is only 99 miles ahead and I'm gonna get that me this month.

*2007 (I have spreadsheets)

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