Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Darlington – Hamsterley – Darlington again

As last Friday, up to Hamsterley by the usual route. Hit the ‘old new’ trails at Hamsterley (Section 13, Special K, Brain Freeze), then along the Grove Link and climbed direct to the top of the ‘new new’ trails (Transmission, Accelerator, Nitrous) before riding home. Used the road climb out of the forest, instead of the big push up past the DH hut, which is further but ridable.

I was slower down all the descents that last week, but it was very wet, but faster up all the climbs and faster overall. Plan is to do this ride every day this week, so we'll see how that drops away as the week goes on.

The tri bag was great for food; looks dorky but works well.

Food was two litres of apple juice diluted with 2 litres of water, plus four mini pork pies. One pork pie after every hour and drinking steadily throughout seemed to work fine.

Distance: 85km (31km Darlington to Woodland, 23km from Woodland into/round the forest and back again, and 31km back home again)
Surface: Road and off-road
Time: 4:36 (1:38 + 1:27 + 1:31)
Weather: Cold and wet
Bike: Inbred SS (with 2.4″ tyres on 32:17)

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