Saturday, 22 February 2014

Route recce - Darlington to Thorpe Thewles

My sister recently moved to near Aviemore, so I'm going to ride up there in the summer. My plan is to follow the Sustrans Coast and Castles route up to Edinburgh over two days, then take two days to ride up into the Cairngorms.

So, I rode the first part of the route I'll take from home to Newcastle, following NCN14 toward Stockton before turning north toward the Castle Eden walkway. I was surprised at how much was off-road, and most of the continuation to Newcastle will be the same. Hopefully, it'll be a bit drier in the summer...

Next step is to ride the rest of the way to Newcastle, then get the train back. And buy some bike luggage and a GPS :)


coastkid said...

Give me a buzz if you want when your passing through East Lothian on the North Sea Cycle route, happy to show you some of the John Muir Trail and hidden Gems like Seacliff beach and mini harbour under Tantallon Castle on your journey through our wee county


Mike McTimoney said...

Cheers, will do. Your route advice on STW was most welcome.

If all goes to plan, it should be July 17th :)