Monday, 10 January 2005

Obligatory second post - who I am and what the site's about

Where to start?

I'm a 27 year old, father of one, teacher. I like mountain biking and reading, so that's what the blog is mainly going to be about. I'll also post other bits and pieces, links to stuff I find on teh interweb, ramblings about what's in the news, whatever.

This isn't my first website, but my old site, where I'd been writing for a couple of years, got discovered by some students I teach and, while there was nothing too dodgy there, it only took two clicks to get from my site to some dodgy stuff, and I wasn't happy with them being able to read whatever I posted. So, I left my old site to gather dust and stopped using my very obvious login names on some websites and forums I used, and created a new, semi-anonymous web identify.

(Obviously, if you know me, you'll know who I really am. So, if you link to the site, can I ask you to do it in such a way as to not use my surname. Ta.)


mactually » Blog Archive » On identity and anonyminity in an interconnected world said...

[...] interconnected world When I first started using this domain name it was because I’d decided I wanted a slightly more anonymous blog, because my students had found my old site way too easily a [...]

Student said...

sorry macca
try harder to be unrecogniseable please,

Mike said...

macca? No-one calls me macca.

I'm guessing, Jack or Alan?

If you look at the post linked to in the comment above yours, you'll see this site's not meant to be anonymous anymore anyway. But, well done for using Google :)