Thursday, 20 January 2005

The War in Iraq

Daily life in Iraq carries on. US soldiers kill the driver and front seat passenger of a car that doesn't stop at a road block. The husband and wife's five children in the back seat are not killed. The BBC photo gallery of the incident will break your heart. Especially image 3. [via Bloggerheads]

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Andrew Milner said...

As a totally selfish and degenerate Brit. resident in Japan (three more G&T’s and pronto), reports of war crimes including torture by US and British forces do me great potential harm. My standing in Asia in general and Japan in particular is largely buttressed by my "English gentleman" image. Obscene war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by US and British forces against pow's and the civilian population (including women and children) in Iraq will rapidly cause reality to catch up with image. With the US and by association Britain rapidly heading for pariah nation status, this will diminish my ability to "make my fortune in the colonies". So cut it out guys, you are making me look bad.