Wednesday, 15 June 2005

A blogging course

If I were to be running a blogging course, what could I include? The course is 12 hours on one weekend, six hours on Saturday and six on Sunday (i.e. four 3 hour sessions, with lunch breaks).


Andrew U said...

Day 1
Session 1: What and why plus a quick tour of the blogosphere
Session 2: “How to� — The Basics

Day 2
Session 3: “How to� — Advanced
Session 4: Legal —

Chris said...

What kind of looser needs a course in blogging?!

Day 1, Session1: Introduction to a keyboard. End session 2hours 55mins early. Take the rest of the weekend off.

Mike said...

What kind of loser needs a course in blogging?!

Depends how many blogs you've read, I suppose. Most people don't even know what a blog is.

There's loads: hosting of images, resizing, etc. Basic "coding". Legal implications. Tools like RSS Digest. Ways of keeping track of incoming potentailly-bloggable data (Google news, etc). Spell checking and proof-reading (*cough* Chris *cough*). Business-case for blogging.

Not all blogs are splurges of what's in your head...

Chris said...

Well they should be, they're the only interesting kind...*cough*