Thursday, 2 June 2005

Long time no post

I really am bad at keeping this thing up-to-date.

I got all the marking I had to do the other weekend out of the way and am currently half way through a week-long holiday. We've been away camping which was great apart from the wind on the first day while we were putting the tent up, which split part of a pole (it split lengthways, so we left it in and it was fine apart from being a bit bendier than the rest of the pole) and tore a fairly insignificant seam near the base of the tent. We'll have to get the tent repaired at some point, but it was in much better shape than some others on the site; Coleman tents are great.

I'm off on a bike ride with some people from work tomorrow. We're riding along Sustrans routes from the Tees Barrage to Durham, via Hartlepool. It'll be their second day of a three day mini-tour, but I'm just joining them for the day. It's only around 35 miles, all on road or old railways, so I'm actually considering riding to the start, or carrying on from Durham (time-permitting) along the old railway line to Bishop Auckland, then getting the train back from there. Or, I might just ride Teesside to Durham, like a sensible person.

I'm going to fit the 1.7" semi-slick tyres from my commuter bike to my Inbred, so it'll be interesting to see how it handles with those; I'm planning on entering a local cyclocross in October using these tyres, though I'm worried they're too slick to cope with mud and grass.

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