Monday, 4 July 2005

Make Poverty History

30,000 children die per day because of extreme poverty

That statistic in itself should make us want to do something, because it's pretty shocking, but sometimes it's hard to visualise numbers like that. Ann did some calculating:

I wanted to get a scale of how many children that really is... I thought grains of rice might make like a couple of handful sized heaps..... So I counted out 500 which weighed 1/4 an ounce....... multiply that up and if I am not mistaken that is 15 ounces of rice...... that is a LOT of rice. If I knew how to post pictures, I would. That’s a pint glass full of rice….. It’s something like 5 portions of rice, each grain being a child that will die each day.

I'm going to get my digital camera, calculator, scales and some rice out when I get home...

[Update]Didn't get chance to get the camera out last night; will do soon.

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Andrew said...

After a master stroke like that I think that the "Too Political For Ann" section may have been blown out of the water!!