Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Road loop, through Neasham, Girsby, Eryholme and Dalton, revisited

I just rerode the ride I did with Andrew U a while ago, but on my own, with thinner tyres and no asthma attack. I made it round in a bit more than half the time it took previously, though I did a slightly more direct start/end to the route.

It was nice riding on the roads, and not being beaten up and stung my the bridleways I normally ride around here; maybe I'm a closet roadie? I found that I could ride along at a much higher speed, and for less effort, if I rode with my hands on the brake/gear shifter tops, rather than on the grips, an letting my elbows come more inline with my hands and drop slightly. I see drop handlebars in my future.

Ride stats are brought to you courtesy of the wireless bike computer/heart rate monitor that Sarah got me for my birthday. Not only do I now get to geek out on average speeds and heart rates, but having the computer helped me to keep going at a higher speed than I would have when riding on my own without one.

  • Distance: 25.6 miles

  • Surface: Road (plus a little bridleway, to get out of town)

  • Weather: Warm and dry, no wind

  • Time: Late morning, 1 hour 45 minutes

  • Bike: Inbred, with 1.75″ semi-slick tyres

  • Comments: Felt good.

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