Friday, 7 October 2005

Darkness is here

Today was the first morning that I've had to have light on my bike for the ride to work. Looking outside, it looks like I'll have them on for on the way home too. Winter draws on.

I have a flouro waistcoat for riding to/from work now. Sarah saw me out the window putting the rubbish out on Thursday and thought the bin men had arrived early...

A (short) discussion on bike lights took place on the Bike Darlington blog. Discussion! People posting comments on the blog; a first, I think.


Andrew U said...

Started taking the front lights to work this week too — I'd forgotten how heavy they are :/ Did plan to buy a tiny white 3-LED light for this twilight riding, but they're £30 and it'll be dark for real in a fortnight anyway so they wouldn't be much use after that. Still drooling after a set of SolidLights though…

Did ponder getting a fluorescent top as well, then decided against it as there are bits of Scotchlite on my waterproof top/trousers anyway and the 3 rear lights (including an eye-hurting CatEye TL-LD1000) are probably enough to get noticed.

Bought some trouser clips today in an effort to stop shredding my trousers — couldn't decide what would be better: stretchy scotchlite / velcro ankle bands or traditional black metal clips, so bought both. Unfortunately the 5x more expensive ankle bands seem to be made for fatter legs than mine so I've wasted my money (yet again) :-/

Mike said...

I think bike lights can get a bit 'lost' among all the car lights, so the human-shaped vest will probably help.

The best things I've found for trousers are Ikea velcro cable ties. They're just the right length for round my ankles, but I do have stick-like legs.

Front lights that are easier to remove from the bike would be nice. I also keep meaning to get some quick releases with removeable levers, so I don't have to remove the front wheel when I lock my bike up.