Sunday, 16 October 2005

Yet Another Local Ride

Another ride of my local loop yesterday, though I tweaked it a bit to have a look at a new route just to the north of the one to Brafferton that I usually take; the bridleway from East Ketton to Brafferton. The first little bit was just along field edges, but from the stream to Brafferton is a nice little track.

Unfortunately, I noticed my front tyre going flat part way along the 'new' track. When I stopped, I pulled a small stick off the tyre and then all the air rushed out. Before I put the new tube in, I checked round the tyre and ended up pulling out a total of six thorns. I thought I better check the front as well, and found another three thorns. This is why I carry three spare tubes...

I wa running a bit short on time so from Brafferton I crossed the A167 to Coatham Mundeville and rode along Percy Lane to get me back to town. I probably rode it the wrong way, as it would be a really nice long singletrack descent heading north. Last time I rode this, it was really boggy in places, but the track seems to have got better defined along a narrower line and some extra vegetation has grown either side of it, which seems to have helped the drainage. It looked like it there had been very little use by horses and more by bikes, which must help too. I probably won't ride it again until late spring now, as it was getting muddy in places and will get pretty bad soon.

Anyway, a nice ride, but shorter than I'd have liked bacause of the punctures. I'm gonna go have a tube-mending session now.

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