Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Home internet access problems

I currently have net access problems at home, which the nice man on the NTL helpline pinpointed as being a problem with my computer, rather than the modem. Unfortunately, I need a guaranteed working laptop more than I need net access at the moment, so I'm not fixing it till I get the current lot of marking done, which means no net access at home for a while (and I've had none for 2 weeks already). Plus, between kids and work I just don't have the time to get it fixed at the moment. As I'm now just online at work updates to this site will be even less frequent than they have been...


Paul Gauci said...

Often when surfing the net, the browser becomes inoperative. Computer has to be restarted to go back to the internet

Andrew Urquhart said...

I'd give Mike a bit more credit than that Paul (he does have a computing masters degree after all!)

For your own problems Paul you might be better off not using Internet Explorer (because beside its software bugs you may be laiden with spyware and unhelpful browser extensions - if you don't know what those are then you _will_ have them and probably the odd trojan or two - install anti-spyware software and make sure you visit Windows Update). Karma-boosting browsing alternatives to keep you free of 'malware' are: Opera (PC/Mac/Linux) and Firefox (PC/Mac/Linux) or Safari (Mac).

Mike said...

It's only an MSc from Teesside though :)

According to the NTL helpline, it's the computer's fault; it wasn't accepting IP address allocations. They suggested removing a couple of entries from the registry and reinstalling TCP/IP, but it's an old install of XP and SP2 from the Update site kept locking it up when I tried to install it, so I decided to do a full install of XP SP2. I did that yesterday (and replaced the broken keyboard while I was on, so i have an 's' key again), but haven't had chance to hook it up to the modem since then because it's in my little girl's room.

Personally, I'm not convinced that was the problem, because I'm going through a wireless router, but I'll see.

I'm a Firefox man, myself.