Tuesday, 3 January 2006

Local road/off road New Years Day ride

Went for a local ride mixing up road, field-edge bridleways and gravel roads/farm tracks in preparation/"training" for the Hell o' The North century ride and its precursers that I'll be doing in over the summer. Apart from one trip to town and back, I've not ridden my bike for a month due to flu and Christmas holidays so I wasn't sure how well I'd handle it, especially the day after New Years...

I did a variation on a ride I did a while ago, just riding the beginning, then following a main road home. You can see a map at Gmaps pedometer (ignore the distance, it's actually 20 miles, I cocked up).

  • Distance: 20ish miles

  • Surface: Road, bridleway, gravel road

  • Weather: Cold and dry, bit of a headwind at start

  • Time: noonish, 2 hour 15 minutes

  • Bike: Inbred, with 2.1" tyres

  • Comments: Nice ride. Lots of icy puddles still.

Anyway, it was a nice two hours. There are a load of bridleways in the Bildershaw area, anyone ridden any of them?

The elevation feature in Gmaps looks cool; if only Google would get OS mapping.

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