Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Darlington - Tan Hill - Darlington

A long ride, mainly on the road, but with a little easy off-roading in at the end. I'm pretty tired now. I had a 45 minute stop in Barnard Castle on the way out and another 30 minutes on the way back, and 20 minutes at Tan Hill.

map (might slow your computer a little)

Darlington to Tan Hill Map

I might write more when I can think straight.

Distance: 80 miles
Surface: Mainly road
Time: About 9 hours total
Weather: Warm but overcast, still got sunburnt though
Bike: Inbred


Andrew Urquhart said...

An impressive ride. Hmmn, “20 minutes at Tan Hill� — easily enough for a pint of something from the Black Sheep brewery at the Tan Hill Inn methinks.

My guilty secret is that I haven't ridden my bike since my accident in December (though the resulting facial scar combined with my shaven head has allowed me to feel like a proper Frome local…) I finally got the bike serviced a couple of months ago. Looking forward to getting back in the saddle in the Autumn when it's cooler, especially night riding in the sticks.

Mike said...

I could have had a pint, but I'd have fallen over and not got back up again; Barnard Castle to Tan Hill is pretty much a 15 mile climb and I'd eaten very little during the ride (just a bacon sarnie in Barnard Castle at that point; I had a piece of flapjack as I left the pub and a Mars bar in Barnard Castle on the way home). I need a little bar bag that I can stash snacks in, so that I can eat on the move.

Bikes are ace, you should ride more.

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