Sunday, 20 August 2006

Singlespeed World Champs

The Singlespeed MTB World Championships have just taken place in Stockholm. Next year, they'll be in Scotland!

I went to the UK champs this year, as they were local to me, and did quite well out of it. I was planning on going down to Bristol for the 2007 UK championships, but if I can get to the Worlds' in Scotland instead...

I'll have to see how the dates fit in with work and choose based on that.


luther said...

why didn't you compete dude?

stockholm's not that far away, and a cool place

one of our gang did and came 4th

Mike said...

3 places away from being branded? Cool.

No money, small kids and just back to work on Friday after 6 weeks holiday. No way I could have got there, unfortunately :(

I might do the UK and World champs next year, if they time right for work.