Tuesday, 12 June 2007

SSUK 2007

Last weekend I was down at Ashton Court in Bristol for Bristol Bike Fest and this year's National Singlespeed Mountain Bike Championships. I might get around to writing more here, but in the meantime there are some photos in the SSUK2007 Flickr group pool (including one with me in). Basically: bikes, beers, jousting.

It was my first off-road ride on the Solitude and it was great, even with just 1.6" tyres and a fairly rooty/rocky course. Obviously, I wasn't as fast as all the people with bigger tyres, but I wouldn't have been anyway.

Of course, I only managed 3/4 of a lap - I must have lost a couple of chainring bolts, which caused the chainring to die quite spectacularly. I had a nice push/freewheel through Bristol to get the train home...

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