Wednesday, 1 August 2007

July Riding

An average month, mileage-wise. Looks bad for July, which should be a major month, but I've been off work since the sixth and we went away on a bike-free holiday for 11 days. Plus, all my 'proper' rides were fixed, which must count for more. I need some big rides in August to get me ready for The Hell O' The North century ride on the first weekend in September.

Proper rides: 100 miles
Business miles: 0 miles
Commuting: 20 miles (4 days riding to work and back)

Total: 120 miles

(Total so far for 2007: 832 miles (119 miles per month - on course for 1428 miles for the year))


Tom said...

So does commenting work again?
You need to set your discussion options so spam can't get posted without your approval Mike.

Mike said...

57 comment spams got caught in the moderation queue, so it's getting most of them. I get a file not found error when I try to change a setting. One of these days, I'll have time to update the installation and fix this. It's looking like that'll be sometime in Autumn 2024, when my youngest should be going to uni :)