Sunday, 12 August 2007

Darlington - Hamsterley group ride - Darlington

Rode out to Hamsterley on the road to join in the Trailblazers August ride. It's good to get to ride with a group, and try more technical riding than I usually do on my own. Managed my fastest time to the forest, kept up with all the people on bouncy-shifty bikes and felt really good riding home, too. In a bit of pain now though; shoulders and neck rather than legs though, which beer and sleep should fix.

Distance: 55 miles?
Surface: Road/off-road/road
Time: 1.5/3/1.5 = 6 hours (plus 45 minutes waiting for the group to arrive, and 45 minutes of tea and burger)
Weather: Changeable, but generally warm
Bike: Inbred ss (with 2.1" tyres, 32:16)

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[...] e ride home from Egglestone and continued with a 65 mile fixed ride up into Teesdale and a group ride at Hamsterley (55 miles) * September was my best month of the year with a new PB for the Hell O’ [...]