Friday, 30 November 2007

November Riding

No proper rides, but a full month-worth of commuting. Just 11 miles short of last November's total. I need to do 115 miles in December to match last year's guestimated mileage which should be doable.

Commuting: 126 miles (riding to work and back, plus various jotting about)
Business: 31 miles

Total: 157 miles

(Total so far for 2007: 1585 miles (144 miles per month - on course for 1728 miles for the year))


Tom said...

Hmmm 120 miles behind.
I doubt I'll be pulling that back next month.

Mike said...

I've fifteen days at work in December, but I'll be bussing at least one for the Christmas party, which gives me 70 miles. I should have two work-rides, at 8 miles each. That's 86 miles.

Just need one extra 29 mile ride to hit 1700 for the year. Or, six trips to town and back.