Friday, 16 November 2007

The preliminary preparation which must precede training

I'm somewhat lacking in the "sufficient sleep to throughtly recuperate mind and body" department...

Though training in its full sense requires a certain amount of time and attention, as well as the observance of some definite rules, the preliminary preparation which must precede it is a simple affair, and in fact is just what everyone desiring to have a sound body, capable of performing all its functions properly, ought to undertake. It involves little more than regular hours; sufficient sleep to throughtly recuperate mind and body; good, wholesome food; great moderation in the use of stimulants; and regular, daily, brisk, outdoor exercise. Such a system as this is so extremely modest that it is hardly worth the dignity of a name, and probably would not receive one were not the conditions of modern life so complex and harassing that simple and natural ways of living are almost unknown.

From: Cycling For Health and Pleasure: An Indispensible Guide to the Sucessful Use of the Wheel, by Luther H. Porter, Dodd, Mead, and Company, 1896

This week's Wisdom of the past from Matt Chester.

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