Sunday, 17 July 2011

Darlington - Hamsterley Black Loop - Darlington

First proper ride on my new bike, though it's essentially the same as my old bike so no great surprises.

Got properly soaked riding up to Woodland; giggling because you're so soaked and thinking it can't possibly get any wetter, then it does. It shouldn't be that dark at midday in July. Really impressed with how the 2.4" Racing Ralph tyres roll. Did a lap of the Black loop, which was interesting in the wet when my front brake decided to fail.

Probably the fastest I've ever done the ride there and back, but slow on the off-road due to lack of braking.

I'm sure I could do this in 4 1/2 hours, which would make it a great ride to stick in with an early start on a Saturday morning.

Distance: 80km (30km to Woodland, 20km round Hamsterley and 30km home (phone battery died, so no GPS))
Surface: Road and off-road
Time: 5 hour (1:40, 1:52, 1:15)
Weather: Torrential
Bike: Inbred SS (with 2.4" tyres, 32:17)

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