Sunday, 19 March 2006

Kestrel in our garden


(Photo by Captain Chickenpants)

Standing in the garden this afternoon, talking to my daughter who was prodding things with sticks, I heard a strange noise. Looking up, I saw two birds flying really fast and close together over the road next to our house. They collided just above our garden fence, and came to ground just by our garage; about 20 feet from me. Standing there on top of the now dead bird was a kestrel. It looked at me for a second or two, then flew off, with the dead bird in its claws.


Andrew Urquhart said...

Blimey! I hope it was a pigeon that got 0wn3d and not a sparrow.

Mike said...

I didn't really get a good look at the other bird; I was too busy thinking "bloody hell, a kestrel in my garden". It was small and brown though...

Ann said...

That is a pretty good photograph for a split second moment that it was in your garden! Ha!

Anyways the only reason I am here is to remind me of your email address, which I can't recall. So, please would you tell your good lady wife that I have emailed her, thank you please. That has saved testing my brain any further. Good morrow to you.

Mike said...

So the spambots don't get it. Rearrange the following:




Ann said...

I'm not special!

Why didn't you just email me it? You boys!

Mike said...

Email might have worked too, I suppose.