Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Ride: Darlington to Hamsterley, plus a HTB group ride

Rode from home to the forest by a backroad route, to avoid the A68; took a little longer, but some of that was navigation and it was a much better route. The ride round the forest was cool, rode some of the SSUK route in the proper direction (Goat Track), plus the bottom half of the Rabbit Run and the old Downhill Course. Plus, I rode my first bit of North Shore on the Skills Loop!

I was feeling the extra riding by the end of the ride, but that was partly down to riding the first couple of climbs in the middle ring, because my mech has siezed a bit and needs a bit of help to shift to smaller gears.

Kiwi offered me a lift home, so I did some extra riding in the forest instead of riding back.

Distance: 37 miles
Surface: Road (38km) and off-road (22km)
Time: About 6 hours total; (2.5 hours from Darlo to Hamsterley on the road)
Weather: Warm, wet and windy
Bike: Inbred

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