Monday, 3 July 2006

Solitude first design

When I got back from my ride yesterday, Alex had sent me the first draft of his design for my Solitude Cycles frame. He sent two pictures, which show how the bike will compare with my Kona And On-One bikes. Riding on the drops, my hands should be marginally (maybe 2cm) lower that on the Kona, which should be about right; my neck was a little stiff after yesterday's ride, but there were a lot of occasions yesterday when I would have been riding on the hoods anyway.

Solitude Cycles design: comparison to Kona Hahanna

Solitude Cycles design: comparison to On-One Inbred

Solitude Cycles design


Nick said...

Looks like the only thing you lose is standover height.

Mike said...

And I'm pretty leggy; I've loads of standover on my current bikes.

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[...] e will compare with my Kona and On-One bikes. The drops look to be a little higher than in the first design, and almost exactly match the position on the grips on my Kona. Riding on the hoods, I’ll b [...]