Monday, 28 January 2008

Phew! Almost missed the 200 miles for the month!

I just got an email cancelling the work than normally means an extra 8 miles of riding tomorrow. With my normal commutes, that would put me 2 miles under 200 miles for the month!

Luckily, when it was really windy last week, I took the longer route to/from work, but still counted it as 5 miles. I just mapped it, and it's a mile and a half longer than my normal route. If I take that route home tonight, I can count today as 5.75 miles. Adding the extras on puts me on track for "exactly" 200 miles for this month.

More than anything, however, it shows just how shonky my mileage tracking is. It's a good job I didn't become an accountant...

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