Wednesday, 23 January 2008


I remapped my commute this morning, so someone could export it as a GPX file and tell me my height gain. It turns out that the round trip is 5.6 miles, not 5 miles like I assumed. Over 195 working days, that's an extra 117 miles per year!

I'm going to keep logging it as 5 miles for consistency, and because I'd rather underestimate how far I'm riding than over estimate.


Tom said...

1.2 miles a day is quite a lot. Most of my rides the GPS reads 0.2 miles or so shorter than the map so I go by the GPS generally.
I'm guessing you've mapped this in Googlemaps?

How much height gain do you get in a commute then?

Useful conversion stuff here

Mike said...

It's 0.6 miles a day. I think I've changed my route slightly since I last mapped it out.

My round trip commute is 5.6 miles, and climbs a not very big total of 148 feet, according to Rifty on the HTB forum. Mapped using gmap-pedometer, as linked from that forum.