Friday, 15 February 2008

Half Term Plans

I'm off work next week, which means no little-and-often bike riding. It does, however, give me a chance to go out for a longer ride. I'm planning on riding to Hamsterley and doing 50km on the fireroads (Hamsterley Hill Rush) and then riding back again.

It's 114km all in and took me 8 hours when I did it in October 2006 (I missed out a 7km loop), so it'll be interesting to see how long it takes next week.

I'm hoping to get the big tryres on the Solitude this weekend so I should be doing it on that, although the brakes had siezed a little after not being ridden for a couple of months so I might be on the Inbred.

I'm on track for another 200 mile month, and also for beating last year's total for January to March, if I do this ride, but I'll need a second ride next week to make sure.

Update: Thursday is Hamsterley day


stratobiker said...

How did the Hamsterly ride go Mike?
Detailed report with pictures please.
SB :)

Mike said...

Terrible wind and bad conditions shortened it a bit, so it was just 87km instead of 114. I hadn't realized how close to 100km I was, or I'd have had a spin around town before coming home.

"Full" report later.