Monday, 4 February 2008

Lots of inspiration

I'm going to have to add Ben Saunders' site to my feed reader. I had it bookmarked on my old laptop and it was one of the sites I checked weekly.

There are so many things just from the last few posts that I wanted to link to, or requote here.

"We are richer now, but more overworked, more deeply in thrall to the addictions of getting and spending. We have more possessions, and they tyrannise us. Each new mod con must be shopped for, maintained, insured, upgraded; each new thing must be stored, kept track of, kept secure, tidied; and the whole package is paid for in overwork, time-poverty, round-the-clock availability and round-the-clock insecurity.

We have more, and we have less. In such a world, freedom is both more precious and more elusive than ever. And one of the few surefire ways of liberating ourselves from the tyranny of the consumer society is to put ourselves beyond its reach."

[quoted in Ben Saunders: Thought for the year]

[Ben Saunders: And my feet hurt]

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