Thursday, 28 February 2008

Inbred Photos

I'm off work ill. Let's just say that I'm not farting with confidence...

Consequently, I am very bored. So, I took some photos of my bike and stuck them on Singletrack.

2008_02_28_Inbred 001


stratobiker said...

A clean bike is a happy bike. That bike is not happy.

Mike, i've had that 'prisoner in my own house' thing recently. Lasted 4 days for me :( Then when the pooing stopped it turned into a stinking cold. Almost two weeks now with hardly any riding. :(

Jus' preparing you for the worst, just in case like :)

Mike said...

It likes wallowing in its own filth :)

I'll be back to work tomorrow. On my bike.

I'll not be hitting 200miles for this month though.

Andrew said...

I think Ć¢€œHow to Fart with ConfidenceĆ¢€? is the title of a self-help book by Dale Carnegie, if not it should be.

Tracey Smith said...

Hi Mike - hope the condition cleared up my friend and that you're feeling better!

Only a shortie to say, it's great to see getting on your bike so 'out there' on your site! I promote it too and now that the weather has changed, it's more than a pleasure.

Wishing you all the best with your challenge,

Mike said...

Thanks Tracey, it was just a 24 hour thing so I'm feeling fine now. I also blog about bike riding on the Darlington Cycling Campaign blog.

I've added your blog to my reading list.