Thursday, 25 January 2007

2007 Biking Plans

What started as a comment on Alex's blog, grew bigger than I intended, so I've nabbed it to post here too. Efficient!

My riding plans for 2007 and filling up. There's a six hour enduro in Hamsterley in May that I'm doing. From the people who brought us the SSUK trails, so it should be great.

Around that time there's a planned club group ride from Hamsterley to Reeth; 37 hard off-road miles from Weardale to Teesdale to Swaledale. I've been reading too many blogs I found via Dave Nice, so I'm half-tempted to ride the road to the start (20 miles) and home again (30 miles). Maybe solo later in the year though, not sure the middle miles would be fun with a fresh-legged group after 20 miles and knowing there's 30 to go.

There's SSUK and SSWC to look forward to as well.

I'm hoping to do a fixed road century in September; it nearly killed me geared last year, but the weather was the worst they could ever remember for it.

I'm also eying up a possible big loop made out of parts of the Sustrans C2C and W2W routes, with some linking sections, starting and finishing in Darlington. Or maybe organising a Tan Hill and back ride/race, a la Trans Iowa.

Lots of plans, but as we all ken, The best-laid schemes o' mice an 'men Gang aft agley, so we'll see what happens. (I'd forgotten Burns' night was today until it was too late to organise haggis, but it does give me an excuse for wee dram of a slightly underage Ardbeg.)

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