Sunday, 28 January 2007

Change of biking plans


Aviemore, Scotland,
1st & 2nd September 2007

Which means I can't go.

I just looked at the train times from Aviemore to Darlington. I could get back for work on the Monday, but it would mean a seven hour wait in Edinburgh and going straight from the station to work. And that assumes I can get booked onto the right trains, given the silly two bike rule we have in the UK.

Teaching is great for holidays, but we don't get to choose when they are. I'm probably going to have to wangle some unpaid leave to get to SSUK in Bristol in June, but because of when it is in the year it shouldn't be a problem. But, September 3rd will probably be the day that our first year students start, which means there's no chance of some swaps or leave.


Andrew Urquhart said...

If you need accommodation in June then you're welcome to borrow a floor and stabling for the steed if you can get to Frome — there are direct trains from Bristol (Weymouth line) every hour or so from Temple Meads (no bike reservations needed). If interested remind me a month or so beforehand.

Mike said...

Thanks for the offer. I think camping is arranged as part of the race though.