Wednesday, 3 January 2007

No gears for 2007

In my garage I had two complete bikes: my geared Inbred and my singlespeed Kona. The Kona was, really, my commuter bike but last year I hardly used the Inbred, because I kept getting out the Kona singlespeed. This is silly, because the Kona's 12 years old and, after two years of commuting, knackered. The Kona's been getting more and more knackered; the rear rim's worn out and needed replacing and the front wheel was completely shot, plus the headset needs some sorting out, I think. But I don't want to spend any cash on them, because I'm trying to get the Solitude frame built-up.

I'd been given some free replacement wheels for the Kona by JeffH on the HTB forum, which would have got it up and running again for no money, but it just seemed silly getting the Kona going again when the Inbred was sat unused. Plus, having done my round-up of rides for 2006, I realised that some of my longer and harder rides were done on the singlespeed.

So, last night I took all the gear bits off the Inbred, put on JeffH's wheels and the singlespeed cog and tensioner from the Kona, as well as putting back the front V brake in place of the disc that I've never really got properly sorted. I still need some narrow chainring bolts so I can get rid of the big and little chainrings, and the brakes need some new blocks, but I now have just one working bike, and it's a singlespeed.

The singlespeeded-Inbred will be my do everything bike until I get the Solitude built. I'll be riding it to work, riding it on solo rides and on group rides. One bike with one gear.

So, there's my first New Year Resolution: No gears for 2007.

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